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Jesus Christ didn't die and raise from the dead so you can "get saved" or become "born again". Jesus did this so you can get literilly married to Him as in all human marriages. This marriage to Jesus is required,(Not the bride of Christ teachings of the world today) not when you die and go to heaven but now while you are alive, before you die.You getting married to Jesus has the direct result of causeing you to "get saved or born again". The purpose of this web site is to prove this to you as God has proved this to me. I am "One God" "Jesus Only" and have been most of my life. When Jesus died on the cross, God tore the veil that hung in the temple that seperated God from man, and only the high preist was allowed to go behind, into 2 pieces making clear the way between God and man. However man not wanting this tried to re-hang the veil God destroyed so that man could still make money off of the blood of Jesus Christ saying that they were still needed in order to enter into Gods presence. So to keep man from re-hanging the veil again God destroyed the temple of Isreal itself so that man would have a free path into His presence without anyone to stand in the way or having to walk into to a building ever again. Man didn't like this either so he tried to rebuild the temple that God destroyed, refusing the direct path to God that He had been working on for 4000 years, so that finally God allowed a false god to build a temple on the holy mountain where the temple of God used to stand in Isreal. The temple to this false god still stands to this day. Have you ever wondered why God allowed the temple of the jews to be completely destroyed and the very mountain rendered completely unassable to anyone that loved the God of Abraham or that called themselves a christian? God was doing all this so that humans would have direct entrance into Him, thru the literal marriage to Jesus Christ. Then the gentiles came along after God doing all this, and got their hands on it and built, and are still building, little tiny temples on every street corner calling it "going to church" which is an abomination before God. Welcome to the Web Site of the 15th apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ and the only living apostle in 2000 years. God has created this apostle to rescue you from your religioun, but this may not be what you want. You may be completely addicted to your religioun and even God Himself cant save you,much less this apostle. The "PLAN OF SALVATION" as we all have been taught by the religous world is completely wrong! Something wonderful has been taught to me by the Lord. Something so wonderful that it has no equal. God has taught me something so I can teach it to you. The most beautiful thing that you could ever desire from God is now revealed to this apostle for the first time in over 2000 years. Jesus didn't die and rise from the dead so you can "go to church" but you already knew this didn't you. You have always known there was so much more and that "going to church" buying your way into heaven isn't Gods way. You have always known there was something very wrong with things today. Jesus died and rose again so you can "MARRY HIM"! I know it sounds very diffrent but think about it for a minute. What else could ever equal a literal marriage to Jesus Christ? In all your dreams what could you ever want that could come close to being this incredible? When troubles come upon married people they just might stop "going to church" but there is one thing they keep in full force because it is their refuge and this is their marriage. When trouble comes married people run into eachothers arms and cling to each other because they are married. and because of this trouble their marriage has been made stronger. This is the same in the marriage,the literal marriage to Jesus. Holy matrimony with God Himself thru the person of Jesus. The revelations of this marriage have been hidden by God Himself for over 2000 years because His wife fell from Him into man made religion. This dispensation is the one of the gentiles,it started in 2005 with the Lord coming to me, and it is about you,YOU entering into marriage to Jesus and the direct result of this marriage will be that you will recieve salvation. Actually there is no other way to recieve salvation for all mens religions for 2000 years have been created by man and they have done it all wrong for the past 2000 years.Those men that I have married into the Lord can marry you to the Lord as well as I can. To marry Jesus requires that you be baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ taking Him as your literal Husband as well as knowing there is only one God. Salvation will be the result of this literal marriage. You have no salvation outside of this literal marriage to Jesus. It makes no diffrence who you are or who you think you are. THERE IS NO SALVATION outside of this marriage to Jesus Christ. Contact me if you want to. THERE IS NO SALVATION OUTSIDE BECOMING LITERALLY MARRIED TO JESUS CHRIST!