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 To be saved,ready to go to heaven as well as walk in Him, requires that you repent of ur sins and then be baptised in water in the name of Jesus Christ applying His blood to ur soul washing all of ur sins away. When you come out of the water you will have literally gotten married to Jesus. I can perform this for you or you can go to a United Pentecostal Church. After u marry Jesus do not return to that place, no more than you would return to the courthouse where you entered into a human marriage. Instead grow in ur literal marriage to JESUS, now ur Husband. Trust Jesus to bathe U,to clean up ur life, AND ONLY HIM!

 You have just entered into a website where I teach the hidden revelations and mysteries of God that God has hidden from humanity for the last 2000 years. I am the first man,person(recorded person) to teach these revelations and mysteries since the apostle Paul died 2000 years ago.If you are addicted to your religion instead of loving God these hidden revelations and mysteries will remain a hidden mystery to you. Salvation is the direct result of a person getting married(literal marriage) to Jesus by obeying Acts 2:38.

   What we all have been taught about Jesus concerning His relationship with mankind is incorrect. Jesus did what He did so that every person has the ability to get married to Him. And I do mean literal marriage.In this website are teachings brought to you as God has taught them to me. Going to church is a religious lie built completely on greed and is not at all what God ever wanted atl all. To get married to Jesus and establish marital communications is the will of God. Anything else is an abomination to God and an insult to Him. The teaching of trinity is a false teaching. There is only one God and His name is Jesus. It is God Himself that created for Himself a body and lived in that body, that body being named Jesus and being called the only begotten son of God since Jesus is the only instance when God allowed His body to be born from the body of a woman.

 My reason for creating this website is because, in the year 2005 the 15th of August at about 7:30 am the Lord visited me as I was waking up in my bed. He begain to speak to me in the same mannor that He speaks to you. He told me that I had to go and speak to His wife. That His wife couldnt hear His voice any longer. That she couldnt feel His presence, that communications were not established. This was a simple message that He was giving me and I set about to do as the Lord asked. As I obeyed the Lord He begain to open up to me His hidden revelations and mysteries that He had hidden from all mankind for the past 2000 years. Please understand that when the Lord visited me telling me to go speak to His wife, I had NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE BIBLE SCRIPTURE( on getting literilly married to Jesus) and I was just another apostolic one God preacher and had been for most my life. These revelations God begain to teach me scared me to death because they went against most everything I had ever been taught or I had taught. I begain teaching my sons and anyone that the Lord allowed me to teach these revelations.(now my oldest son preaches and teaches these revelations). I can truthfully say as the apostle Paul said that no man taught these to me, I recieved these from the revelations of Jesus Christ.The same way that Jesus taught Paul Jesus taught me as well. The same as Paul said that this is "my Gospil" I indeed say the same thing for this dispensation had been appointed unto me the same as Pauls was appointed to him. This website is dedicated to teaching these wonderful revelations as the Lord taught them to me, and continues to teach me every single day and night.

Does God want a harem? These revelations God has been teaching me since 2005 can not be filtered thru your zipper,the carnal mind.

As I teach this literal marriage to Jesus that He has been opening up to me since 2005, I am amazed at the things people come up with. Though I suppose I shouldnt be because the bible says that the natural man cant recieve the things of God because they are foolishness to them and they are spiritilly diserned. One of the questions I get is "does God want a harem". Really? God is constantly teaching me this wonderful marriage to teach you and you really want to go there? Ok I will break it completely down for all of you.Lets say for instance that there is only one person in all mankind that loves God and understands the literal marriage to God. It is the truth to say that that one person is married to Jesus and is the wife of the Lord right? Now this one person brings another person into the literal marriage to the Lord and this person marries Jesus according to Acts 2:38. The truth that the one person was the wife of Jesus hasnt changed because there are now two people. Now both people are the wife of Jesus as well as the collective wife of the Lord. No matter how many people get married the truth remains the same and isnt changed because of the numbers, It is as simple as that. But there are people that will take any of Gods beautiful revelations and try to drape them in carnality. Each and everyone of you that has entered into the literal marriage to Jesus is His wife.All the people that are His wife make up the total wife of God. It is like the dots that make up a print. Each dot is a dot unto itself. Add them all together and all the single dots make up the entire picture.





The 2 gardens of eden, is my suggestion of the first teaching you listen to here on this wedsite. You will find it listed in my web pages here. #57

Man with man and woman with woman in an unnatural way has always been against God and is today and always will be against God. I just heard an ex UPC preacher using some of the same bible verses that I use as I teach this literal marriage to Jesus to back his homosexual beliefs. I must take this time to explain that one verse of scripture will never cancell out another bible verse. This person I just heard on youtube was doing just that. He was grossly trying to say that brothers being married to Jesus the man,backed his homo beliefs. This is satans lie from the deepest parts of hell itself. In the book of Romans the first chapter the apostle Paul said that man with man and woman with woman was unnatural and it will led to a reprobate mind,God searing their conscience with a hot iron turning them over to their own unnatural lusts. This literal marriage to Jesus Christ cannot be understood by the carnal mind and it is a disguisting abomination against God for anyone to try and use this wonderful holy marriage that God has taught me to teach into an abomination. Please wife of Jesus Christ know that satan wants to add confusion to this literal marriage to Jesus. Satan wants to cause you to fear this literal marriage to Jesus, but this has always been satans job. The pope and nuns do indeed say that they wear a wedding ring on their hand because they are married to Jesus. But they lie. They are married to that other jesus that Paul warned the church of Corinth of. That carnal unGodly jesus, that one that allows idol worship. Roman catholic religoun at one time refused to be called christian and I am old enough to remember this, they wanted to be called catholic. And actually the roman cathilic religoun is one of the proofs that I use of this marriage to Jesus being common back in the days of the first church. You can read of Paul give fair warning to Rome in the book of Romans as they begain to take their marriage to Jesus into a carnal direction and they begain to follow after a diffrent jesus.I was afraid that history would repeat itself and it is. But wife of Jesus, I admonish you now to never allow the unclean spirits of satan to interfere with your marriage to Jesus no more than you would allow satans unclean spirits to intefere with your human marriages.Stand up for your Husband Jesus aand hold fast to that which He has proved to you to be true. Please,lets not make the same mistakes against our Husband Jesus that so many did in the first century.It is absolutely disguisting to see this carnal barn yard attack coming against this literal marriage to Jesus that God has trusted unto us. Please do not fail Jesus, wife of the Lord. Remember that the opening up of this literal marriage to Jesus is one of the signs of the last days, this marriage being hidden from mankind for 2000 years.

The literal wife of Jesus are the one God people baptised in Jesus name. You are already married to Jesus and some will lie to you because they seek men's admoration,they love to be called a preacher or whatever.Dont let Satan fool you. The church today is as the Ephesians were.Married to Jesus but not knowing it till Paul explained it to them.

The hidden revelations taught to me by God's Spirit were taught to me the same way they were taught to the apostle Paul,by Jesus Christ Himself. The revelations first were given to me and I had no bible at all to back them up. THEN God's Spirit led me thru the bible showing me verses proving them.This is true revelation.  Please do not try to play with or twist this literal marriage for your own greed of money or so you can baptise someone.These are God's hidden secrets opened up to His apostle and not some religion to be triffled with. Do not try and steal the only thing God's wife has left which is her holy matrimony to Jesus.Man has already stolen everything else from her. God will punish this in His time if you do not listen to this warning. He is so tired of man's raping of His wife. Those baptised in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost and believe in the one God of the Jews are His wife already ,like the church of Ephe. that Paul had to teach that they were already married to Jesus.





What kind of person am I ? As a child, myself and my twin sister was looked after many times by our dear grandmother Westbrook. She used to walk us thru graveyards and read to us the names of the people burried there. As she did, she constantly reminded us that someday we too would be burried and would have to face God. She taught us to love Jesus because He died for us. I learned a  healthy respect for God as well as  fear for Him and for hell as well. I became very protective for God and anything that He loved. When He came to me teaching me the revelations of getting married to Jesus I was very very skeptical. And I was afraid. What God was teaching me was against everything I ever taught and was taught. I prayed,boy did I pray and yes I wept many tears. I was the first person that had to be convinced because of my very strong fear of hell and of God. I have seen people that were not ready to die, go to their grave not caring if they were ready or not. This I will never ever understand. After I die I know I will face God who is discribed in the bible as holy,jealous,loving and angry. Who in their right mind would ever go to face an entity like this and not make sure they have done everything they can do to be ready. To this day I question the revelations God teaches me in depth. But I always come to the same conclusion. God has a wonderful plan that He hid from all of mankind for the last 2000 years due to His wife, the church commiting adultery against Him. They wanted instead of getting married to Him the old way, a building made by man, built by man and a priesthood of man over them. So God allowed His adulteress wife to have what she wanted in the way of the roman catholic religion. For 2000 years the people were tortured,murdered and raped by what they wanted. Even when men grew tired of this they still created for themselves the same thing with different names like ,baptist,methoditist,UPC,amf,and all the rest while God wanted a wife that would get married to Him in the person of Jesus Christ.